Regulations, Rules and Procedures


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This page contains the official Circulars in addition to Regulation, Rules and Procedures which is related to Dubai CSD. For the latest circulars, please refer to the below:

Dubai CSD Circulars:

 Issue Date Title
06/02/2023Resolution No DCSD/2023/18 API Access Mandatory for Creation of NINs (Individuals) – Extension of Go Live Date
25/01/2023Resolution No DCSD/2023/19 change in the Minimum Age Requirements for Individuals to Apply for Investor Numbers
24/10/2022Resolution No DCSD/2022/17 API Access Mandatory for Creation NINs (individuals)
21/07/2022Resolution No DCSD/2022/16 Investors Information Update
07/02/2022Resolution NO DCSD/2022/15 Updates to documents and process required for certain Dubai CSD Transactions
14/07/2021Resolution No DCSD/2021/09 Pending posted transactions by Trading Members for the securities transfers between CSD & Trading Member
27/12/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/8 Updates to Documents required for certain Dubai CSD transactions
07/12/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/7 Depository Operations Services Contact List & Processing Time
15/09/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/6 New Service Fees - "MyAccount" Cash Dividends Payment Report
13/09/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/5 De-listing Khaleeji Commercial Bank BSC Company (Symbol Code: KHCB)
03/09/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/4 Bonus Shares Distribution-National International Holding Co.K.P.S.C (NIH)
05/08/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/3 Bonus Shares Distribution-AGILITY PUBLIC WAREHOUSING COMPANY K.S.C.P (AGLTY)
29/04/2020Resolution No DCSD/2020/1 Concerning Amendment and Replacement of all previous circulars concerning Central Depository