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Custody Investor Number (IN) Opening

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Based on agreement /POA signed by investors and licensed custodians – custody banks are allowed to submit IN opening requests to Dubai CSD for their clients.



  • Fill the electronic form which should contains the following:
  1. Local custodian name
  2. Global custodian name
  3. Investor name (matches the official documents)
  4. Investor number (starts with custodian initials)
  5. Nationality/country of origin
  6. Local custodian address
  • Attach a valid copy of an official document which shows the legal name of the investor (passport for individuals, and commercial license or registration, article or memorandum of association for corporates), and place the bank’s stamp in all pages along with signature of an authorized person.
  • Attach a valid copy of the National ID for UAE nationals.

Ensure availability of global custodian documents with Dubai CSD (copy of memorandum of association of global custodian, copy of custody agreement between local and global custodians).

Required Documents
  • Attaching a  copy of the Memorandum of Association, a copy of the Commercial License and the Commercial Registry, certified by the local custodian of investor (in case of corporates).
  • Attaching a copy of transcription of the valid Passport, certified by the local custodian, a copy of a valid National ID for UAE citizens, certified by the local custodian of investor (in case of Individuals).

How to Apply?

Online through Dubai CSD eServices.

Note: All current fees are subject to VAT. The fee will be added to invoices as per the UAE Federal Law No.8 of 2017.